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Massage Therapy

Did you know that professional athletes are literally ‘under contract’ to receive daily massage therapy after injury?

Massage Therapy for pain relief

We always recommend massage therapy as part of the healing process. Especially if there was a serious or traumatic injury involved, such as an injury at work or in an automobile.

Think of the last time you bumped your knee or had a muscle pull. What did you do? You rubbed it, right? Over the years, many cultures have intuitively developed a wide range of therapeutic techniques for a variety of conditions.

The benefits of massage therapy are now well documented. Not only does it reduce stress and make you feel good, it actually improves overall health and can be used to reduce pain and spasm in chronic conditions and speed healing of soft tissue sports injuries or traumatic events due to accidents at work or in the car.

The many different types of massage treatment protocols vary depending on the injuries and on the goals desired:

Therapeutic massage can improve overall health and wellness in many different ways. We provide professional massage and chiropractic services health, well-being and for injuries.

Did you know that professional athletes are literally ‘under contract’ to receive daily massage therapy after injury?

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